Produced Movies


Bitch on Wheels (short) (assistant producer) (completed) – 2013

The Magic of Christmas (video short) (producer – as Mamie Jean)  - 1987


In the Eyes of a Killer (executive producer, writer – as Mamie Jean, producer – as Mamie Jean) – 2009, Directed by Louis Mandylor

Jack Newman lectures at the local University, is preparing for a new life with his fiancée, Gwen, and has finally adapted to the challenges of a sudden accident that left him blind several years ago. An opportunity arises for Jack to become the first patient of an experimental eye surgery. After regaining his sight, Jack begins to slowly take on the characteristics of the eye’s late donor, a state executed psychopath. As Jack begins to lose the battle being raged in his mind, Gwen uncovers some startling information and is faced with the most difficult choice of her life. Which will prevail…true love or the primal instinct to survive? The startling conclusion will leave viewers stunned in this moody, psychological thriller.



The Magic of Christmas II (executive producer, producer, director) – 2010

Ambra looks back at her childhood Christmas memories of living in an orphanage. She re-tells the story to a group of children gathered at her home during the Christmas season. As we travel back in time, we find that lessons learned in the past are still relevant today.






Bad Faith (executive producer) – 2010, a Scott and Kandice Duns film

Connor Philips has the perfect life until the brutal murder of his wife turns his world upside down. As he struggles to put his life back together, his nightmares continue to haunt him and a gnawing desire for retribution grows. Connor begins to understand why others believe in raw justice and finds himself agreeing that sometimes it may not only be right, but justified.






Marvin's BusinessMarvin’s Business Trip (Produced, written and directed by Mamie Jean Calvert) – 2014

Marvin Rose goes on a business trip. See what happens when Mrs. Rose reads her own obituary in the newspaper. A fun short starring Jeffrey Weissman from Back to the Future II and III, Sherry Weston, Big Bang Theory. Introducing Sara Philadelphia.