ASK MAMIE JEAN  is my way of assisting others, many of whom are my friends, in their pursuit and advancement of the film industry, which has been my hobby, my career, and my passion for many years. Please feel free to reach out to me and share your ideas, projects and collaborations. Let’s make movies!

For those that would like to learn more about me, please  check out my BIO and PORTFOLIO, or capture a quick view below.


Mamie has been in many movies such as:

  • “In the Eyes of a Killer”
  • “The Magic of Christmas II”
  • “Bad Faith”
  • “Thelma and Louise”
  • “Point Blank”
  • “Barton Fink”
  • “Dead Again”
  • 1991 television version of “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane”

Documentary Producer /Director

Mamie Jean is in production of a documentary for:

  • “Snow Line Hospice”
  • “Grandma’s Hugs”
  • “Barry’s Adventure”
  • “Traveling and Fishing the High Sierras”
  • “Boat Flipper”

Script Writer

Scripts in pre-production, including titles:

  • “Pixley”
  • “Midnight”
  • “The Magic of Love”
  • “The Fall of the Year”
  • “Rainbow Forest”
  • “You look better dead”

In addition, Mamie Jean is writing a screenplay based on local writer; Nan Mahon’s book “Blind Buddy and Mojo Blues Band”.  Mamie Jean also won Writer of the Year for the script “Sunshine” and Best Screenplay for “Murder By Design” script.


Mamie Jean was a stand-up comedian for many years and won a national comedy contest that New Line conducted to promote the cassette release of Billy Crystal’s Mr Saturday Night. She now has out a cd called “Kentucky Fried Laffs”. Some of her work can be found on Amazon, Channel K and Son of Channel K and Bachelor Pad.